Bunkhouse Hunts: (Rifle Only)

On these hunts, hunters stay in our bunkhouse on the ranch property and are provided with home cooked meals.  We will be hunting approximately 15,000 acres.  This area requires 1 preference point to get drawn.  We use 4×4 vehicles to spot animals and then close the distance on foot for a shot.

Town Hunts: (Archery or Rifle)

These hunts are conducted on a different ranch totaling 10,000 acres and are based out of a motel of your choice in Laramie.  Hunters provide their own accommodations, breakfast, and dinner.  We will provide a sack lunch and soft drinks, as well as transportation in and out of the field from your motel.  Once picked up from the motel in the early mornings, it’s a short 30 minute drive to the property we will be hunting.  Spot and stalk tactics with rifle hunters will be used.  This property offers outstanding archery hunting opportunities with limited water sources and permanent blinds built at each waterhole.  On archery hunts, hunters will be dropped at a blind in early morning and still hunt until antelope come in for a drink and a shot presents itself.  This area is taking 3 points to draw on the “special” draw and 4 points to draw on the “regular” draw.

Rifle Season:

October 5th-31st

Archery Season:

August 15th

License Application Deadline

May 31st