Hunts will start with an early morning breakfast followed by a morning hunt.  A lot of glassing from vehicle will be done until a good stalk can be performed on an animal, or we will set out on foot and hunt areas that the deer generally like to be and cannot be spotted from a vehicle.

If a morning hunt is unsuccessful, we will either go back to the bunkhouse for lunch, or we’ll enjoy a sack lunch in the field and prepare for an afternoon hunt.  When the day comes to an end, we will return to the headquarters for dinner and sleep.

Walking, hiking, lots of binocular use, and patience are all part of mule deer hunting in this area.  It can be challenging, but very rewarding.  Being physically fit and mentally prepared will drastically improve your chances of harvesting a trophy mule deer.

Any free time can be spent fishing in our trout ponds.

Rifle Season:

October 15th- 25th

Archery Season:

September 1

License Application Deadline:

May 31st