Hunts will start with an early morning breakfast followed by a morning hunt.  We will be spotting from a vehicle and then stalking in on foot for a shot.  There are some places that we hunt on foot that can’t be looked over with binoculars from a vehicle.  We also utilize blinds and calling during archery season and early in the rifle season.

If a morning hunt is unsuccessful, we will go back to the bunkhouse for lunch, or eat a sack lunch in the field and prepare for an afternoon hunt.  Once the day comes to a close, we will return to the headquarters for dinner and sleep.

  The elk are still in rut the first of the rifle season and bugling bulls can be heard as they chase their cows around.  After the rut is over, the bulls start to break off the big bunches of cows, making groups of their own.  Hunters will get the opportunity to see a lot of elk throughout their stay, anytime during the season.

With your purchase of a full price (bull) elk license, you also receive a fishing license in Wyoming.  Don’t forget to bring a fishing pole and supplies for trout to fish out of our ponds when we get the time!

Rifle Season:

October 1st-31st

Archery Season:

September 1st

License Application Deadline

January 31st