We offer late season cow elk hunts that take place November through December.

Lodging is provided, but meals and meal preparation are the hunter’s responsibility on these hunts.  Hunters use the bunkhouse kitchen and appliances for meals.

Licenses are abundant and available over-the-counter after the initial draw and often times available throughout the season.

These hunts are either 2 or 3 days depending on hunt group size and are conducted out of 4×4 vehicles until elk are located, followed by the final stalk on foot.  This can be a challenging hunt with winter time conditions and long distance shooting.  They are generally in big groups and weary this time of year.  Hunters must have some physical capability to close the distance for a shot and be capable of shooting out to 300 yards efficiently.  We gladly lend elk rifles with this capability, if needed.

We hold a high percentage success rate on these hunts with access to a lot of area in order to give hunters the best chance at harvesting their animal.

Please contact for price and availability.