After a hunt is booked, Timber Canyon Ranch Outfitting LLC will assist you through the license application process, which is easily done online through the Wyoming Game and Fish.  We will keep in contact with you leading up to your hunt and assist with any questions.

We ask that you arrive the afternoon before the first scheduled day of your hunt.  Once you get settled into the bunkhouse, we will ask you to shoot your rifle at the target range to ensure an ethical kill shot.  Being very familiar with your rifle and shooting it before you arrive will always improve your chances of harvesting a trophy.

Timber Canyon Ranch Outfitting LLC will require every guest to sign a waiver/release before going afield.

After these requirements are met, guests will have dinner and get a good night sleep.  The hunting action will begin first thing the next morning.

Gear Checklist

Proof of hunter safety card if born after June 1st 1966
Hunting Licenses and Wyoming Conservation Stamp
Fluorescent orange garment to be worn somewhere above waist (vest, hat, etc…)
Rifle and ammunition
Warm Coat and boots
Warm hat
Warm socks
Hiking boots
Long underwear
Camera and batteries
Denim pants
Any required medication
Light day pack
Stocking cap
Hunting knife
Cooler (for meat transport)
Fishing pole and supplies for trout